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Sun Sticks to Virtualization Roadmap

When Sun announced its $2 billion virtualization plans late last year, there were many questions.

Why was Sun trying to get into this market by creating its own infrastructure? And why, when it already had virtualization within Solaris via Solaris Containers and Zones, would Sun seemingly undermine that effort with a competing product?

One user even accused Sun of "institutional schizophrenia."

Undeterred, Sun earlier this year began putting out products in its xVM lineup, and followed up last week with an update. Here's a timeline:

  • February 2008: Sun ships xVM Ops Center, a management solution for virtual environments. Priced from $10,000 for an annual subscription, plus $100 per managed server per year, a second release with a single, Web-based browser to manage heterogeneous physical and virtual machines is due out later this summer.
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