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Sun Shines on Aduva Grid

Sun Microsystems has snapped up network automation specialist Aduva for an undisclosed sum as part of its ongoing push to beef up its grid computing and Linux portfolio. (See Sun to Acquire Aduva.)

Aduvas flagship offering is OnStage, software for managing Linux and Solaris deployments. It also handles security patch updates and the like. But Jeff Brown, Unix and Linux administrator for Jefferson County in Colorado, which already uses OnStage, told Byte and Switch that he is eager to hear more about Sun’s plans for the product. “It will be interesting to see if they change their licensing scheme and drive up the price," he says. "And it will be interesting to see how the support goes."

This could be even more complex given that Aduva, which started life in 1999, has already racked up a slew of partners including Novell, Red Hat, and, notably, Sun’s arch-rival IBM.

Nonetheless, Sun’s decision to acquire Aduva right now is a telling one. Linux is increasingly challenging Microsoft Windows in corporate data centers and both Sun and IBM are desperate to display their open-source credentials. (See IBM Contributes to Open Source , IBM, Linux Team Up , and Sun Shares DReaM.).

The acquisition also reflects Sun’s desire to expand its grid computing strategy. By embedding Aduva’s software within the Solaris operating system, the server giant plans to sell the startup's offerings either as an automated service from Sun’s own Grid offering or as standalone products that users can run behind their firewalls.

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