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Sun Shifts Virtual Target

Almost a year after the Sun first discussed its virtualization strategy, the vendor beefed up its xVM technologythis week and revealed plans to add storage to the virtual mix.

It seems that there is no place that virtualization won’t be, moving forward,” said Rich Green, Sun’s executive vice president for software, during a webcast earlier today. “Everybody is aware of the core capabilities of virtualization.”

The vendor is now pushing server virtualization to the forefront of its strategy, announcing the availability of its xVM Server software today.

Aimed at x86 and SPARC machines, Sun is touting xVM and its open-source Xen hypervisor as a way for users to virtualize workloads running on Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

xVM Server also works with VMware, according to the exec on this morning’s webcast, and Sun claims users can shift virtual workloads between VMware’s ESX Server and its own technology.

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