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Sun Microsystems' Fire V40z

The V40z I tested at our Syracuse University Real-World Labs® was a four-way server with Opteron 848 2.2-GHz processors. It had 16 GB of RAM with two 73-GB UltraSCSI, 320-MBps disk drives-- one loaded with 32-bit Solaris 9 x86, the other with SLES (SuSE Linux Enterprise Server) 8 for AMD 64-bit processors.

Only standby power was required to boot up the onboard management software and set the server's 14 hot-swappable (and noisy!) fans in motion. Although 14 fans seem like a lot, the server draws only 10 amps of power, making rack-to-rack replacements a viable option.

Sun Fire V40z


Manage From Anywhere

The management software, LOM (Lights Out Management), is executed using a separate processor and memory space. From an embedded Linux OS, LOM runs on top of a Motorola processor, allowing in-band and out-of-band server management, independent of the real CPUs and memory.

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