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Sun Grid Weathers DOS Attack

Sun's new on-demand grid computing service got smacked with a denial-of-service (DOS) attack on its first day of operation, prompting unease amongst potential users. (See Sun Unveils Grid Portal and Sun Steps Up Grid.)

The new service is the latest part of the Sun Grid Compute Utility, which offers users access to CPU resources on a $1 per hour basis. Whereas Sun's earlier utility offerings were aimed at the enterprise market, the new service is targeted at smaller firms and individuals seeking access to grid resources via the Internet.

But yesterday, a pilot text-to-speech translation service offered on the grid was hit by a DOS attack, prompting the hardware giant to move the service and make it accessible only to registered users of its grid. Prior to the attack, non-registered users could also access the service.

Aisling MacRunnels, senior director of utility computing at Sun, tells Byte and Switch the problem has been resolved, adding that there was, "no degradation to service" for other users within the Sun grid.

Gary Kendal, director of financial software specialist CDO2, which was one of Sun's first named customers on the enterprise side of its utility grid, confirms that his operations were untouched by the attack. (See Sun Scores Grid Customer.) "There are many security layers in place to prevent this type of thing affecting our service, and we haven't been affected at all," he says.

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