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Sun Gets Secretive on Storage

Sun Microsystems will unveil new security products next week in an effort to soothe user concerns about lost data.

At this weeks Storage Networking World conference in Orlando, Fla., Randy Kerns, vice president of strategy and planning for Sun’s data management group, told NDCF that the vendor is planning to launch storage encryption technology next week.

Although he would not go into details, the exec confirmed that the announcement, timed to coincide with StorageTek’s annual user Forum in Washington, D.C., will focus on removable media, such as tape. Sun acquired the storage vendor last summer. (See Sun Closes on StorageTek .)

Sun will face some competition. Storage encryption is already offered by Decru (now part of Network Appliance), Neoscale Systems, and Kasten Chase. Next month Spectra Logic will ship tape libraries with built-in encryption; virtual tape library vendor Sepaton Inc. will soon offer encryption through a partnership with Decru.

Encryption has become compulsory for companies looking to avoid the consequences of lost data. Earlier this year, for example, Time Warner made headlines when a truckload of backup tapes containing information on hundreds of thousands of employees went missing. (See A Tale of Lost Tapes.)

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