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Sun Flashes New Blades

Sun today took the wraps off its latest blade offerings, touting the ability to cope with high-volume virtual applications and use different processors within the same chassis. (See Sun Intros Blade Platform.)

At a Washington event this morning, Sun execs unveiled the 6000 platform, a 10U high chassis containing 10 blades, and three different blade modules. Unlike Sun's existing 8000 blade system, which is limited to AMD Opteron blades, the 6000 enables users to mix and match blades with Intel processors and Sun's own UltraSparc chips.

Pricing for the 6000 chassis starts at $4,995, with pricing for the server modules starting at $3,695 for the Intel processor-based blade. The AMD Opteron-based blade is slightly more expensive at $3,995, and the UltraSparc T1 module is priced at $5,995. Both the chassis and the blades are available now.

Speaking at this morning's press conference, Sun execs highlighted the platform's increased memory capacity and I/O bandwidth. "The hottest topic today is around virtualization," said John Fowler, executive vice president of the vendor's systems division, explaining that this makes it a good fit for the likes of VMware. (See VMware Stirs Virtual Controversy, VMware: The Charging Bellwether, and Wall Street Virtually Guarded.)

Specifically, the 8000 chassis can support up to 640 Gbytes of memory and 5 terabits per second (Tbps) of I/O throughput.

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