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Study Examines Virtualization Impact

DUBLIN -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Advisory Note: The Impact of Virtualization on Business Users” to their offering.

In the groundbreaking research study “Virtualization; Exposing the Intangible Enterprise,” EMA predicted explosive enterprise-wide growth of virtualization, all the way to the desktop. While data center virtualization technologies (e.g., server and OS virtualization) are growing strongly at around 20% per year, this research shows that they are being outpaced by desktop and application virtualization, which are growing by 28% and 24% respectively.

This reflects the keen need to deliver benefits directly to business users - the cornerstone of best practices like ITSM and ITIL. In fact, almost 50% of enterprises believe that their business users and managers should be the primary beneficiaries of virtualization. More importantly, it is the business owners themselves - who hold the purse strings to IT budgets - that want to know how virtualization is going to affect them.

Virtualization certainly brings real benefits to business users - but it also can cause some serious problems too. This Advisory Note explores in more depth the impact that virtualization can have on these users, and provides some recommendations for enterprises to expand the benefits, and minimize the problems. This will help enterprises to deliver a successful virtualization strategy that builds business value, instead of alienating business users.

This research has also shown that business users and owners - who hold the purse strings to IT budgets - are the key beneficiaries of virtualization. Without doubt, virtualization certainly brings real benefits to business users - but it also can cause them some serious problems too.

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