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Streamcore Helps Providers

EMERYVILLE, Calif. -- The business-critical Internet is at a crossroads. Telecommunications and network service providers are facing a crushing competitive dilemma between dual threats of commoditization and a lack of differentiation for network services. Meanwhile, customers are demanding greater network performance, agility and integration at lower costs, while expecting providers to guarantee network performance for business-critical applications down to the branch office and even to the end-user level.

In many cases, services providers are managing patchworks of disparate networks, WANs, services, data mobility and applications that must be stitched together into a seamless whole to support a customers global-virtual workforce. Up until now, traditional WAN optimization hardware vendors focused on accelerating and shaping network traffic from point-to-point. That worked well for a time, however, the market realities facing service providers cannot be solved by outdated approaches.

“For proof of this point, one needs to look no further than the struggles of once high-flying WAN optimization vendors,” said Eric Jeux, CEO of Streamcore. “These companies have failed to execute and adapt to new market realities where a converged network environment, combined with application visibility and control, are the new drivers of success.”

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