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Strategic Info Management: Long-Term Storage


Remember being a kid and worrying about that little incident with the stink bomb defiling your "permanent record"? At many educational institutions, permanent records, defined as those that have "continued administrative value," must be retained for at least 100 years. What stinks is being the grownup responsible for selecting media that will ensure this data remains retrievable.

Strategic Information Management

In designing a data-archiving system, system architects have four main decisions to make: What to store, how long to store it, how to archive and index it so you can retrieve specific data when needed, and where to store the archive. Here we focus on the last problem. Whole forests have been sacrificed in the name of generating rules and regulations on what to store and for how long: We worked with one tobacco company whose legal department decreed that all tobacco-business-related documents are to be kept forever, figuring the truth can't be worse than failing to produce subpoenaed information. We've also dealt with companies whose legal eagles ordered all e-mail deleted after 30 days.

The Media

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