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Storewiz Bolsters Compression

Data compression vendor Storewiz has upgraded its products with more CPU power and more efficient algorithms to achieve higher ratios of compression on data in primary storage. (See Storewiz Intros Product Line.)

Storewiz, whose claim to fame has been the ability to scrunch data as it travels from server or switch to back-end array, says its can improve its existing compression ratios for databases as well as CIFS and NFS files. "We are using more CPUs and can spread the workload among multiple CPUs," says Gal Naor, CEO of Storewiz.

The new STN-6000, represented by two new products initially, can improve compression ratios from 3:1 to 4:1 for files, saving 67 percent of capacity, the vendor claims. Databases can achieve up to 5:1 compression.

No customers are available to back up Storewiz's claims.

Still, at least one analyst thinks the vendor's take on compression is relatively unusual and worth considering. "While most de-dupe discussions focus on backup and data archiving, data compaction solutions like those from Storewiz can be applied to primary, secondary, tertiary, or any level of storage, not just backup and archive," says Greg Schulz of the StorageIO consultancy.

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