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StorageTek Rolls Its Own CAS

Storage Technology Corp. (StorageTek) (NYSE: STK) is entering the Content Addressable Storage (CAS) space again, this time "for real" and with its own home-grown system (see StorageTek Touts IntelliStore).

StorageTek today announced IntelliStore, an archiving system developed to compete with EMC Corp.'s (NYSE: EMC) Centera and Hewlett-Packard Co.s (NYSE: HPQ) Reference Information Storage System (RISS).

If this sounds familiar, that’s because in January 2005 StorageTek began selling a CAS system it calls Lifecycle Fixed Content Manager 100, which it acquired through an OEM deal with startup Permabit Inc. (see StorageTek Taps Permabit's CAS Act). But StorageTek maintains that was a temporary measure until it finished its own CAS system. Brenda Zawatski, VP of StorageTek’s ILM group, says IntelliStore was in development for two years.

One could argue that any StorageTek product might be temporary because the company is in the process of being devoured by Sun Microsystems Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW). (See Sun to Acquire StorageTek for $4.1B.) But Intellistore (code-named Trinity, oddly enough) has been a major part of StorageTek’s roadmap, and StorageTek insiders and analysts expect it to make the cut when Sun decides what products to keep from the combined companies.

Sun executives "were briefed on this, and they said they’re committed to the product roadmap,” Zawatski says. “Obviously, we’re under a gag order not to say anything more.”

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