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Storage Shapes Up for Multimedia

With telecom and media firms looking to deliver increasingly complex forms of digital content to their customers, storage vendors are re-positioning themselves to provide the raw power behind these services.

This week, IBM joined forces with Nortel to develop new multimedia services, and clustering startup Isilon clinched a deal with NBC to support the channels Winter Olympics coverage. (See Nortel Demos IMS With IBM and NBC Taps Isilon for Olympics.)

The IBM deal revolves around Nortel’s IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), a method for delivering content that uses the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for Voice Over IP (VOIP). The idea behind IMS is that it can support a broader range of secure multimedia content than analog technology.

Nortel and IBM are working to integrate applications such as multiplayer gaming and conferencing across mobile devices. The two firms are also testing technologies to enable users to share files and digital content.

Where Nortel provides the specialized IMS software, IBM is using its BladeCenter servers and WebSphere software to actually run these applications.

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