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Storage RACs Dow's Brain

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Storage Networking World -- After struggling through installations of Oracle RAC on a variety of storage and operating system Dow Chemical Company Senior Systems Administrator Steve Remsing's most useful counsel for admins has to do with staff unity.

"The biggest piece of advice I have is: Get your storage admins and DBAs [database admins] on the same page early," Remsing told a group of storage professionals today at SNW.

Remsing says his nine-person team at Dow consisted of database and storage admins, and he attributes tight integration with getting through a series of frustration problems. But he admits both groups were territorial at the start - especially when it came to decide who would manage Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM). ASM isn't required for RAC, but provides a file system, logical volume manager, and software RAID for RAC.

"That was a little fight we had," he says. "The DBAs are used to managing all of Oracle including the disk, and the storage admins are used to managing all the storage. Now, they're merging together. We realized we're going to have to form a much tighter relationship as we go forward."

Storage and database admins better get used to working together. Oracle is among the crucial applications for networked storage. RAC (real application cluster) lets you cluster servers together for increased reliability and availability. You can add and remove nodes from the cluster, and if a node fails, it doesn't affect sessions running on other nodes.

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