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A Storage Management Lexicon

Every storage customer is eager for better management, not only of individual storage devices, but across multiple systems. Sadly, storage vendors aren't on board.

Both IBM and EMC are living proof that the industry's best efforts to improve storage management aren't denting the big boys' determination to make a buck.

In today's storage product revamp, for instance, IBM boasted a new IBM System Storage Productivity Center (SSPC) that supports its DS8000 and SVC enterprise storage products. Period. While other devices will eventually be included in the SSPC management roster, it's not clear when or how that will happen.

SSPC is not to be confused with TotalStorage Productivity Center, or the Tivoli Storage Manager, though there's some overlap among all three. While Big Blue talks about a common look and feel, that doesn't mean the company will sacrifice any potential software revenues to the central console god.

Ditto EMC, whose IT software management announcement in September proved the vendor's ControlCenter for SANs isn't getting any closer to being incorporated in the rest of EMC's management lineup. And heterogeneous support means discovering and configuring some systems from HP and HDS.

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