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Stonesoft Suppots VMware VMsafe

ATLANTA -- Stonesoft, an innovative provider of integrated network security and resilient connectivity solutions, today announced that it plans to support VMware VMsafe technology. By using VMsafe technology, Stonesoft’s virtual StoneGate appliances can provide an even deeper level of visibility and manageability to ensure the security of virtual environments.

VMware VMsafe technology provides application program interfaces (APIs) into the hypervisor so that select VMware partners can deliver solutions with fine-grained visibility into virtual machine resources. This technology makes it possible to monitor every aspect of the execution of the system and stop previously undetectable worms, rootkits and malware before they can infect a system.

“Our virtual StoneGate appliances use the StoneGate Management Center (SMC) to provide our customers with in depth, real-time monitoring and management of both physical and virtual networks,” said Paul Johnson, President of Stonesoft Inc. “Now that we are also taking advantage of VMsafe technology, we can deliver an even deeper level of visibility, granularity and correlation of the activity in the hypervisor, virtual machines and virtual networks to ensure a pervasive, efficient and optimized defense level for VMware virtualized infrastructures.”

Stonesoft Corp.