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Stonesoft Launches StoneGate

ATLANTA -- Stonesoft Corporation, an innovative provider of integrated network security and resilient connectivity solutions, today launched the new StoneGate secure connectivity solutions aimed at providing large and mid-market enterprises with secure, cost-effective and always-on service availability. The new product suites are designed to help distributed organizations meet growing security and connectivity demands, with the flexibility to scale efficiently for future growth and protect network infrastructure investments. The manageability and ease of use of StoneGate products and solutions ensure comprehensive network security for growing business needs.

Security at the speed of business: appliances for the Fortune 500 organization
The convergence of voice, video and data in IP-based networks increases the demand for capacity and accelerates the deployment of 10 Gbps networks. Bandwidth growth, together with the new IP protocols, requires more sophisticated tools for reporting, monitoring and analysis. In addition, these organizations typically have many dispersed offices and a more mobile workforce that increases the risk of internal security threats.

The new StoneGate security solutions meet the needs created by increasingly complex and continuously expanding network traffic. StoneGate FW-5100, FW-5000 firewalls and IPS-6000 (Intrusion Prevention and Detection System) are designed to secure network traffic at large central sites, VPN networks, data centers with thousands of users, and MSPs (Managed Service Providers):

  • StoneGate FW-5100 delivers performance of 10 Gbps;
  • StoneGate FW-5000 has the throughput of 4 Gbps;
  • StoneGate IPS-6000 is the ideal solution for large enterprises and MSP (Managed Service Provider) environments where 2 Gbps capacity and flexible configuration is required.

    Stonesoft Corp.