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SteelEye Works With VMware

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- SteelEye Technology Inc. today announced the expansion of its product set with the immediate availability of SteelEye Protection Suite for VMware Infrastructure 3, built on breakthrough technology which supports clustering together physical and virtual servers for high availability, continuous data protection and disaster recovery.

For companies who are using VMware Infrastructure 3 to take advantage of the significant cost and management benefits offered by server consolidation, ensuring availability of the virtualisation environment is critical. With a complete solution to protect all components of VMware Infrastructure 3, the SteelEye Protection Suite complements the high availability technologies built into VMware Infrastructure 3 with VMware HA and VMware Consolidated Backup by delivering advanced data replication and high availability clustering technologies to monitor and automatically recover any piece of the VMware Infrastructure 3 environment.

“As companies migrate business-critical applications from physical environments into virtual environments (P to V) to take advantage of server consolidation, ensuring the availability of applications residing within those virtual servers is critical,“ said Jean S. Bozman, Vice President in IDC’s Enterprise Computing group. “With its support for VMware Virtual Infrastructure virtualized environments, SteelEye’s extension of these clustering capabilities into virtual environment protection is a logical next step that preserves a common model for protecting applications in both the P and V environments.”

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