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SteelEye to Support Citrix

CAMBRIDGE, U.K. -- SteelEye Technology, Inc ., provider of award-winning data replication and application protection solutions for Virtual Servers, Linux and Windows, today announced support for Citrix XenServerT with the introduction of SteelEye Protection Suite for Citrix XenServer. In addition, SteelEye has joined the CitrixR Global Alliance Partner program to promote compatibility with the Citrix Application Delivery Infrastructure.

While Citrix XenServer takes advantage of the TCO benefits virtualisation offers through server consolidation, SteelEye's Protection Suite for Citrix XenServer is an essential addition for companies to ensure continuity of the virtualisation environment; plus, it integrates advanced data replication and high availability clustering technologies to monitor and automatically recover the entire Xen environment.

SteelEye delivers several distinct data and application management functions, all integrated into a single solution for simple deployment. It is built on breakthrough technology which supports clustering together physical and/or virtual servers for continuous data protection, application availability and disaster recovery while providing real-time replication of active Xen Virtual Machine images.

"This is a powerful alliance," said Garrett Gafke, President of SteelEye.
"As a long-time supporter of the use of open source technologies for business-critical computing, we appreciate the focus and effort which Citrix has placed on bringing Citrix XenServer to the enterprise. We will support that initiative by working closely with Citrix to ensure that the SteelEye family of products provides the business continuity that enterprise deployments demand."

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