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Startups Strive to Save Backup

Several startups are taking aim at a key problem faced by storage administrators -- backup reporting.

Bocada and a handful of other so-called "data protection management" startups -- including WysDM, Illuminator Software, ServerGraph, and Tek-Tools -- originally sprung up to provide solutions to problems that backup software vendors had failed to address. (See WysDM Software.) They all monitor backups and create reports to help administrators determine if there were problems during backups, what caused the problems, and how they can be fixed.

Now these startups are broadening their products to include the ability to set business policies around backups.

For instance, the recently announced Bocada Enterprise 4 package lets administrators track data protection resources to specific business priorities and service levels. (See Bocada Intros Enterprise 4.) It includes a feature that alerts administrators if they are meeting service-level and compliance requirements and allows them to search for non-compliant assets.

WysDM also upgraded its software last month to add service-level and compliance features, and Servergraph added a compliance module in September. (See WysDM Software and Servergraph Unveils Module .)

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