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St. Bernard Launches Appliances

SAN DIEGO -- St. Bernard Software,
Inc. (OTCBB: SBSW), a global provider of security appliances and
on-demand solutions, including secure content management and
archiving, today announced the availability of its powerful new
h-Series hardware. Designed to meet the needs of enterprises of all
sizes, the iPrism 10h, 20h, 30h, 50h and 100h appliance models can
effortlessly handle demanding features such as anti-virus software.

Because of their high performance, the h-Series appliances
future-proof customers as they add more secure content management
solutions, with room to grow to meet their forthcoming needs. St.
Bernard's Hybrid product strategy consists of integrating on-premises
appliances and on-demand services into a security offering that best
meets the needs of a given IT environment.

St. Bernard's new appliances enable IT administrators to protect
their networks from security, regulatory, productivity and
network-performance risks associated with inappropriate use of Web, IM
and P2P applications in the workplace. Simple to configure, the
products feature easier administration and reduce time spent on

"It took me less than 30 minutes to install the hardware, learn about
its management and configuration and have it fully set-up and running
on my network," said Brad Slavin, VP of network engineering and
operations at Skyriver, a converged communications service provider.
"This enterprise-grade appliance provides me with at least three times
higher performance over my existing solution. The product's
scalability ensures we will never need to replace it with another
product as we grow our business and client base."

St. Bernard Software Inc.