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Sprint Nextel To Build WiMax Network

NEW YORK, — In a catch-up strategy to gain on emerging European and Asian mobile broadband services, Sprint Nextel is set to launch a full 4G national network by 2008. The nation's third largest service provider has formed a WiMax ecosystem along with Intel, Motorola and Samsung to make it happen, the company announced at a press conference here Tuesday (Aug. 8).

Sprint's 4G wireless broadband network will implement the mobile WiMax IEEE 802.16e-2005 standard to develop a nationwide network infrastructure, as well as mobile WiMax-enabled chip sets to be embedded in consumer electronic devices and hi-end notebook computers.

Sprint Nextel's 2.5GHz spectrum holdings cover 85 percent of the households in the top 100 U.S. markets— the most of any wireless carrier in any single spectrum band.

"None of us today can envision our lives without wireless connectivity or the Internet," said Gary Forsee, president and chief executive officer of Sprint Nextel during the conference. "Sprint Nextel is taking a major step forward by linking the incredible potential of these two cornerstones of daily communications."

The company is targeting trial markets by the end of 2007 and plans to deploy a network that reaches as many as 100 million people in 2008.

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