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Speech Recognition Comes of Age

System builders on the lookout for new products and services to add to their catalog should consider a technology which has come-of-age: speech recognition, or SR for short. Long a mainstay in sci-fi films like Star Wars and 2001: A Space Odyssey, SR technology is finally ready for the real-world, thanks in large part to the Dragon software suite from Nuance Communications, the primary focus of this Recipe.

SR offers an alternative to keyboarding and the mouse as the means for interacting with a PC. Basically, SR works by letting systems equipped with a source of sound input (such as a microphone) interpret human speech for transcription.

But there is one caveat for system builders. While installing SR software is simple enough, most SR users need a good deal of help transitioning from the keyboard to the microphone. And that's where the business opportunity comes into the picture for you.

SR Markets for System Builders

With SR software installed, a user with the proper training and some experience can input text at about 130 words per minutes (wpm) with 90% accuracy. On a keyboard, that same user might struggle to reach 30 wpm with comparable accuracy. Also, making corrections with SR is as simple as highlighting the incorrect word and then restating it.

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