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Spectra Logic Intros NTier

SAN DIEGO -- Spectra Logic has introduced Archive and Backup Servers as a new product category designed to uniquely meet customer needs for data archive and backup.

Spectra nTier is the industry’s first product line available in the new Archive and Backup Server product category. Spectra nTier offers purpose-built archive hardware, a file system interface, unified backup and archive management applications and the ability to logically search, categorize and retrieve archived information. nTier is designed with SATA disks and seamlessly integrates with Spectra Logic’s tape and RXT mobile disk lines using a single management interface, BlueScale.

nTier hardware integrates disk and tape, as well as archive and backup software applications through a single management interface. nTier hardware offers industry-leading storage density, RAID 6 data protection of SATA disk drives, power monitoring for proactive energy savings and the ability to incrementally add storage in the field as needs evolve. nTier hardware is modularly designed to offer investment protection for future archive and backup needs. Network interfaces, disk drives, processors and motherboards are all designed to be modularly upgraded, enabling customers to take advantage of new technologies as they become available.

"As industry and government mandates for data archive and backup continue to require data retention for longer durations, archive and backup platforms must be designed for use many years into the future," states Nathan Thompson, Spectra Logic's founder and CEO. "nTier offers upgradeable interfaces, storage, applications and processors to ensure the platform will meet customer needs today and many years into the future."

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