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Solarflare Demos Line-Rate Virtualization

LAS VEGAS -- Solarflare Communications, the leading provider of standards-compliant 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) silicon, will demonstrate its line-rate, low-power (2 watt) vNIC controller and its 100-meter reach, low-power (5 watt) PHY technology across VMware ESX server and iSCSI storage appliances in a 10GBASE-T network at VMworld. The company is showcasing these high-performance, power-efficient solutions in booth #1119, September 16-18, at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.

Built to deliver optimal virtualization performance at 10 Gigabits per second, the demos feature Solarflare PHY and controller technology integrated into currently-shipping SMC Networks NIC and switch products. The demonstrations will simultaneously run VMware ESX VMotion, ESX iSCSI Initiator Traffic and ESX Application networking traffic with Netqueue over a copper 10GBASE-T Ethernet network.

“The benefit of utilizing 10GBASE-T running over an existing copper Ethernet cabling infrastructure and carrying multiple forms of traffic simultaneously is big in terms of cost savings,” said Bruce Tolley, vice president of marketing at Solarflare. “Enterprises and data centers have seen an incredible uptake in the use of virtualization and storage convergence technologies. Solarflare’s 10GBASE-T PHY and 10GbE controller technology play an essential role in enabling customers to build converged LAN SAN networks with standards-compliant solutions that both maximize network performance and maintain power efficiency without requiring a network overhaul.”

Solarflare Communications Inc.