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SNW: Some Wheat, Some Chaff

Although Wilma failed to hit Orlando with full force this week, there was plenty of chatter blowing in the wind at SNW. And we listened closely.

[Editor's Note: Just because the strongest gusts whipped through the J.W. Marriott lobby bar doesn't mean we got all our information there.]

Invista Invective: The adoption of EMC's Invista virtualization appears to be moving more slowly than many industry watchers anticipated when Invista launched in May.

Invista requires intelligent switches to provide virtualization, and Brocade and Cisco have switches ready. But EMC is apparently not ready with its software. Switch partner sources say Invista is still in the beta stage and has yet to become generally available.

EMC chief development officer Mark Lewis isn't conceding that anything's behind schedule. "Invista is going as expected and planned," he says. Since the target market is large enterprises, the testing process is thorough and conservative, he notes. "We don't expect production deployments until next year, and it will be 2007 before it's a major product."

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