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Snap Server Meets SMB Storage Needs

Data storage systems are extremely complex, since new protocols, virtual storage pools and other new technologies must all be considered in a modern storage system. The process of backing up data only complicates things further. Snap Appliance, a division of Adaptec, offers a line of Snap Server data storage and backup appliances that can greatly simplify all aspects of data storage.

CRN Test Center engineers reviewed the Snap Server 4200, which offers up to 640 Gbytes of storage capacity. The Snap Server 4200 is ideal for workgroups that need frequent and shared access to files, for near-line storage of data and for online daily data backups. The unit costs $3,195, and includes a copy of PowerQuest DataKeeper software with unlimited user licenses. The PowerQuest software automates backup and restore operations.

Simply put, the Snap Server 4200 is a server that runs the Linux-based GuardianOS. It’s powered by a 2.0 GHz Intel Celeron processor with up to 3Gbytes of DDR memory. It features hot-swappable disk drives and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports. The device is fully automated, so users are completely removed from the process of placing data on the server. Users can, however, easily recover necessary files manually. The device offers secure, Web-based management so it’s ideal for remote data center sites or for small to midsize businesses with little or no IT support staff. Snap Server also allows cross-platform file sharing between Windows, UNIX and Mac.

The Snap Server 4200 installs easily with no network downtime. It supports DHCP for automatic assignment of IP addresses, so installation takes just minutes. The unit measures 16.8 x 1.66 x 23 inches and weighs 28 pounds. All popular network transport protocols are supported, as are all popular network file protocols. All popular OSes are supported, including Windows, Unix, Macintosh and Linux.. An optional 68-pin Ultra2 SCSI VHDCI local backup interface is provided for connecting tape drives. Backup agent support for Computer Associates, Veritas and Legato is included.

GuardianOS is a Linux-based operating system that’s optimized for file sharing and allows rapid deployment into existing networks. The OS is less virus-prone than Windows OSes, and the integrated Computer Associates eTrust antivirus software provides added protection. All Snap Server models using GuardianOS include an integrated local backup utility called BakBone NetVault Workgroup Edition, which lets a Snap Server function as a tape server or Virtual Tape Library (VTL). The VTL function creates a virtual tape storage pool inside the Snap Server, even if a physical tape drive isn’t connected.

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