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Small Businesses To Be A Huge Storage-As-A-Service Opportunity

Small businesses represent a huge opportunity for providers of storage as a service, according to research firm IDC.

The acceptance of storage-as-a-service by small businesses will grow as they get used to the idea that much of their business data is already being handled by third parties, said Doug Chandler, director of storage software and services for IDC's Information Infrastructure group.

And that will remain an indirect channel play for a wide range of storage providers, Chandler told an audience of end users at this week's Storage Networking Conference in San Diego.

Small businesses are already storing a variety of data outside their own IT infrastructures, such as bank accounts, insurance information and legal information, said Chandler. In addition, they are already outsourcing many of their business functions, including human resources, payrol, and financial information. "An awful lot of data is already being stored and managed outside smaller businesses now," he said. "So there is a certain comfort level with it."

There are two basic areas in which small businesses can take advantage of storage-as-a-service, said Chandler.

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