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Off-Site Control

Here and There

The NexVu Controller, a 1U, rackmount box that resides in your main office, collects information from the 2U, rackmount Manager boxes installed on each network you're monitoring. The Manager, a promiscuous network probe, monitors and analyzes LAN traffic.

The units have both Ethernet connections and internal modems for dial-up access. The modems also provide system access when the WAN link is down. And the Manager can act as terminal server, providing out-of-band access to itself. The Manager installation process is so simple you could talk an inexperienced staffer through the remote-office setup over the phone. Or you can preconfigure the Manager before sending it to your remote office.

Once the units were on the network, I accessed the Controller's internal Web page, which brought me to the NexVu Command Center--the management program for NexVu products. From there I could access help pages, perform account management and see stored management reports.

The Controller's Web page discovered that my PC wasn't running Java, so it walked me through installing the latest version. It then installed a desktop shortcut to point to the NexVu Command Center.

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