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Simply Continuous Targets Mid-Size Enterprises With Services For Recovery of Critical Data and Applications

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Simply Continuous, a recovery service provider (RSP) for mid-size enterprises, today officially announced its flagship offerings: managed services architected for the secure and cost-effective recovery of critical business data and applications in the event of unplanned outages. Its Data Recovery Vault and AppAlive??? services stand alone in providing companies with the ability to protect and manage one to hundreds of terabytes of data, backed by the industry's only service-level guarantee for reliable recovery of both data and applications.

Simply Continuous is backed by $10 million in funding from Greylock Partners and led by an executive team with decades of experience at leading enterprise software, storage and services companies including BEA Systems, Comdisco/Sungard, Mendocino Software, Onaro/NetApp, StorageWay and Telephia.

Simply Continuous services represent the logical next step in the evolution of enterprise storage. Data Recovery Vault (for data) and AppAlive (for applications) are components in the company's Universal Recovery Platform, an architecture that integrates best-of-class deduplication technology with remote storage and recovery services in the Simply Continuous secure datacenter. The services are designed for an underserved segment of the business market that is frequently identified as mid-size enterprises: organizations that have terabytes of data but whose backup/recovery requirements are not covered by consumer/SOHO solutions. Conversely, these companies are also not willing or cannot afford to invest in currently available "enterprise" offerings, which, while very powerful, are typically complex and highly customized, require significant IT involvement and may be prohibitively costly.

Building redundant datacenters for the purposes of disaster recovery is very expensive to implement, operate and maintain while recovering from offsite tape proves to be slow and, by many estimates, is successful less than 80 percent of the time. Yet, to best serve customers and comply with regulatory requirements, all companies are demanding reliable recovery from their IT departments.

Data Recovery Vault and AppAlive integrate into any existing backup infrastructure and enable customers to use an easily accessible web portal to monitor, browse or restore their digital assets. The Simply Continuous patent-pending Universal Recovery Platform integrates deduplication, network acceleration, secure transmission, off-site monitoring and reliable, simple recovery processes. Cost of the services is typically less than the combination tape backup-offsite storage that the majority of companies currently use.

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