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Silver Peak Enters WAN Arena

Startup Silver Peak Systems has become the latest vendor to enter the hectic Wide-Area Network (WAN) optimization space with the launch of its first products (see Silver Peak Starts Up).

A frenzy of activity has been brewing in this corner of the networking market, culminating in a slew of acquisitions, as big-name vendors attempt to boost their WAN stories (see Cisco Chomps FineGround, Juniper Completes Peribit Buy and Peribit Deal: More to Come).

The goal of it all is to address the increasing number of users looking to consolidate servers from branch offices and remote sites to central locations. Silver Peak and others are looking to improve the performance of data transferred across these networks.

This Mountain View, California-based startup company Silver Peak enters this space with three new devices, the 1U NX-2500, which is aimed at branch offices, the 2U NX-3500, which is targeted at small data centers, and the 3U NX-7500 for large data centers.

Typically, an NX-7500 would be located in the corporate data center, speeding up network traffic to an NX-3500 or NX-2500 at a remote site. Each of the appliances contains storage for saving the byte patterns of data transferred across the network. This ranges from half a terabyte on the NX-2500, up to two terabytes on the NX-7500. By storing the byte patterns, the idea is that the devices dont have to send the same information time and again.

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