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Siafu Standardizes Encryption

POWAY, Calif. -- Siafu Software, the leader in IP encrypted SAN Storage, today announced that all of its Siafu Swarm Series IP SAN Appliances now come standard with block based replication for encrypted data, making disaster recovery and remote office data replication secure, affordable and easy to deploy.

The Siafu Swarm Series of IP SAN Appliances supports scheduled-based asynchronous replication between two Swarm appliances using VSS-enabled snapshots. To conserve bandwidth, only the blocks of changed data between replication cycles are sent over the wire. Because the data being replicated by the Swarm Series Appliance is encrypted before it is replicated, there is no need to encrypt links between sites. This further speeds overall bandwidth and reduces overall deployment costs.

Securely protecting the remote office is critical when building a comprehensive disaster recovery plan,” said John Matze, president and CEO, Siafu Software. “But, for many companies, the cost of data replication solutions has been prohibitive. By leveraging cost-effective iSCSI technology and pairing it with advanced encryption and replication technology, Siafu is able to deliver the high-performance, high-security storage replication SMBs need, at a cost they can’t refuse. Now remote office data can be easily and securely integrated into the corporate data center quickly and affordably.”

Including both AES 256-bit encryption and block-based replication for no extra cost, the Siafu Swarm Series of IP SAN Appliances offer the highest value in full-featured iSCSI SANs. These easy-to-manage, fast-to-install iSCSI IP storage devices are the ideal alternative to today’s costly and far more complex fibre channel products. Storage administrators can manage multiple Swarm appliances from a central, intuitive Web-based graphical user interface. For high availability and failover applications, Swarm appliances can also be locally or remotely mirrored to another Swarm device.

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