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Shunra Offers New Service

NEW YORK -- Shunra, the world's leading provider of network simulation solutions, today announced a WAN optimization and application acceleration selection turnkey service aimed at helping organizations of all sizes select the WAN optimization product that will provide the greatest value, based on the company's specific IT environment and business requirements. The service is delivered by Shunra's Professional Services consultants who work on site with company project leaders to evaluate WAN optimization solutions from different vendors. Shunra's award- winning Shunra VE solution and proprietary "Performance ROI" methodology is used to ensure that all vendors are compared using the same conditions and measured using comparable metrics.

Shunra is presenting its WAN optimization and application acceleration selection methodology at a webinar series to be held during the week of June 18, 2007. For more information go to

"Businesses are now dependent on the effective delivery of IT services over the WAN, and technologies that optimize the performance of applications have become virtually indispensable. However, because different vendors' solutions vary so greatly, selecting the right solution can be extremely difficult," said Shunra CEO Thomas Charlton. "Shunra is the only company to offer a WAN optimization and application acceleration selection turnkey service that solves this problem. The turnkey service provides companies with concrete, objective analysis and reports on which to base purchasing decisions - all without the need for a capital purchase, lengthy technology ramp-up, or extensive technology and staff resource commitments."

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