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Should Businesses Ban Skype?

Enterprises should immediately ban the use of Skype on their networks, warns analyst firm Info-Tech, claiming "even a mediocre hacker could take advantage of a Skype vulnerability." If Info-Tech crying wolf, or is the firm right in its call to ban the VoIP software?
The firm has some valid points. Enterprises may lock down their networks with firewalls, intrusion protection systems, and more, but Skype use could let hackers piggyback into the network, potentially wreaking havoc.

As the firm points out, there are legal issues with Skype use as well. Given that in many industries, all communications, including email and phone records, need to be saved due to compliance issues, what happens with Skype phone calls, which vanish without a trace after they've been made?

The bottom line: In some instances, Info-Tech is right. If an enterprise can't fully protect against Skype vulnerabilities), and if it can't figure out how to deal with the compliance issue, Skype should be locked out.

But for those enterprises who can lock down Skype security holes, and don't face compliance isssues, it can be full speed ahead with the VoIP software.