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Shopping Season Has Arrived: A Cyber Monday Wishlist

  • SWCM-intro

    In the spirit of the cybershopping season, SolarWinds asked its THWACK community of over 150,000 technology professionals to share their must-haves and wants for this year.

    Believe it or not, tech pro wish lists don’t just include new IT hardware and software; video doorbells, vacuums, action cameras, and clothes are just some of the things tech pros are hoping to get their hands on this year.

    Here’s a look into tech pro Cyber Monday wish lists, brought to you by the SolarWinds community:

  • SWCM-1

    Security Needs

    “Home security monitoring system, video doorbell, and smart voice-enabled TV for a home theater experience.”

    – User: robert.robertson.ctr, Monitoring and Performance Specialist


    “I want home security cameras and a new TV PVR.”

    – User: SUPERFLY99, Senior Network Engineer


    “I want a doorbell video system, so I can share my data with the neighborhood and the police!”

    – User: tstark


    “Security cameras, battery backup, podcasting setup, cable tester, and a 24U full-depth data cabinet.”

    – User: nickzourdos, Network Administrator

  • SWCM-2

    Let’s Get Smarter

    “Excited to get some smart switches to complete my smart home.”

    – User: monitoringlife


    Smart battery backups, smart switches, tele-data cabinet, and a large IT closet.”

    – User: desr, Network Administrator-IS Manager


    “Smart home things so I can give commands instead of leaving the couch!”

    – User: mrdrewhood, System Administrator


    “Smart home devices all the way! Also, a drone would be nice.”

    – User: james_catlin


    “Smart-home technology and security cameras. I’m also always looking for more personal data storage options—cannot have enough disk space at home!”

    – User: kremerkm, Network Project Leader


    “Might take a look at the low-price cameras that have no monthly fee, save some video to the cloud, and have an SD slot so you can record long-term.”

    – User: bobmarley, Senior Technical Engineer

  • SWCM-3

    New Beginnings

    “Going to be building a new PC, so there's a lot on my wishlist this year—I’ll definitely be looking into microprocessors and a new MOBO.”

    – User: skabernicus


    “I'm in need of a new network setup. I've got my cheap consumer grade equipment handling way too much.”

    – User: dmvrtisjr, Consulting Engineer

  • SWCM-4

    Training All the Way!

    “Training material. I've found a few good training bundles over the years, so I always check around for something new to learn.”

    – User: archo


    I would like to get certificates, vouchers, and training. Also new accessories for my motorcycle and sports car.”

    – User: ledbettersa

  • SWCM-5

    A Little Bit of Everything

    “My list includes luggage tracking, a streaming media player, wireless keyboard, smart home tech, fitness gear, clothes, and devices.”

    User: jmbourn, IT BSA II


    “My wish list includes gaming consoles, PC Monitor, 75" 4K TV, noise cancelling headphones.”

    User: rileymat, Supervisor, Network Security

  • SWCM-6

    Kids Know Best

    “My kids are waiting patiently for PS5 to come out!”

    – User: femiodejide


    “My girls want a new games console, and who am I to argue with Father Christmas?”

    – User: nwilson8989

  • SWCM-7

    It’s All About That Beat

    “Bose noise cancelling headphones.”

    – User: bluthru, Network Security Analyst


    “Wireless ear buds that actually fit in my ears. Wireless connectivity for my garage door openers.”

    – User: subiegirl


    “Noise cancelling headphones. Blink XT2 camera system.”

    – User: pmickela


    “I used to have the original version of Bose and they were awesome and well-used, especially by the kids. Unfortunately, they were lost during a house move. I replaced them with Sennheiser Momentum 2 Wireless cans, and they are brilliant also. I decided on Sennheiser because they were a lot more affordable and my relation works for a company that sells them, so I got a good deal. The Sony cans are great as well and a worthy alternative to the above if considering. I would certainly recommend trying them all out before purchase!”

    – User: Tintim


    “Noise cancelling headphones and a Ring doorbell—all I need!”

    – User: hunt8305, Manager Networking

  • SWCM-8

    Personal Upgrades

    "I've been eyeing getting an Apple Watch.”

    – User: bouchm


    “Samsung Gear Fit smart watch.”

    – User: EBeach, Senior Network Administrator


    “Garmin Edge 530, Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses, Juiced CampScrambler - Electric Adventure Bike, Tesla Model 3 Performance Dual Motor.”

    – User: dougs, Network Analyst II


    “I want a cell phone with a big screen and lots of storage. Possibly the Samsung Note 10+ (512 GB internal storage) with a 1 TB micro SD card.”

    – User: fakeusername, Senior Network Administrator

  • SWCM-9

    Photo Pros

    Blink XT2 camera system.”

    – User: pmickela


    “I am hoping to get a drone. I’ve been wanting to learn how to fly one and do aerial photography.”

    – User: alexander.kneer


    The new GoPro—I love how it has the mount built into it, so I don't have to keep buying cases when I lose them!”

    – User: nicholas.laws, IT Support Specialist


    “I’ve seen a couple of Nikon D5600 bundle deals and think I’m going to go for it!”

    – User: emoyers