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Shift To Disk Backup Prompts New Quantum Tape, Disk Products

Quantum on Monday unveiled two new technologies that reflect the impact disk-backup is having on the tape market.

The Milpitas, Calif.-based tape drive and automation vendor on Monday unveiled the latest iteration of its midrange tape technology, DLT-S4, which provides high-capacity backups at what company officials say is the lowest cost-per-Gbyte archiving media.

Quantum also unveiled new hard drives built into removable cartridges that can be treated as tape for off-site archiving.

The new DLT-S4 tape cartridges from Quantum have a raw capacity of 800 Gbytes, which can be expanded to 1.6 Tbytes with compression. Data throughput for DLT-S4 drives is up to 60 Mbytes per second raw or 120 Mbytes per second compressed.

The drives are available with 4Gbps Fibre Channel, Ultra 320 SCSI, or SAS connectivity.

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