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Shake Up Your APM: Page 2 of 2

Choice 2: Organizations are evaluating their true business needs against APM enterprise architecture and starting from scratch. The technology advances around APM and the changes to the enterprise application architecture warrant a revisiting on the entire suite, and as painful as it may seem, changing to another end-to-end monitoring solution may save you in the long-run.  Swallowing that reality, however, is hard to do and only through leadership at the executive level will organizations have the courage to undertake this task. Politically and economically replacing products is hard, sparking fear of even longer deployments and more complex environments than the previous one.

Too many organizations get stuck with solutions that don't meet their needs. Everyone is afraid to stop the project or toss out the tool for fear of being ridiculed for making a bad decision. The safer solution is to continue to throw good money after bad and get trying to make incremental progress toward an ever more elusive goal. This is one of the reasons some business leaders are turning to cloud computing and doing and end-run around IT.

Evaluating the APM enterprise architecture is a good place to start if you are tangled in a quagmire of management tools that still do not meet your needs. You may be surprised with the options that you really have and the recognition from the business leadership for making a bold decision to take another look. Political suicide or pragmatic leader? I'd like to hear your comments.