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NEW YORK -- To address explosive data growth plaguing businesses, government and research institutions, SGI (NASDAQ: SGIC) today unveiled the SGI InfiniteStorage NEXIS NAS family focused on making high-performance storage technology easier to use.

At the heart of the SGI InfiniteStorage NEXIS NAS family is SGI's highly efficient XFS® file system, repurposed for NAS appliance simplicity, and SGI® InfiniteStorage Appliance Manager, a new graphical-user interface for optimizing storage resources, managing growth and allowing the set-up of base NAS configurations in less than 20 minutes.

As a result, the new SGI InfiniteStorage NEXIS NAS family is designed to efficiently scale in storage capacity, file directory size and performance by providing base platform options that can support the exponential data growth for today's business, scientific and digital media applications.

"Customers have stated they need better performance and reduced complexity from their NAS solutions, and the new SGI InfiniteStorage NEXIS NAS family is a direct and powerful response to that need," said Bo Ewald, CEO of SGI. "In the performance portion of the enterprise—the revenue-generating side of the business where companies conduct their R&D—we see growing demand for compute and storage solutions that deliver HPC performance and scalability. But customers also want us to make those solutions easier than ever to use. That's what we've done with SGI InfiniteStorage NEXIS—a high-performance, scalable NAS family with enterprise-class ease of management."