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Sepaton Goes DeDupe

Sepaton adds deduplication along with capacity and bandwidth optimization to its enterprise storage platform with today's introduction of the S2100-MS2. The S2100-MS2 sits in the midrange of the Sepaton products. A rack-ready device with capacity to back-up and restore of up to 40TB is aimed at small enterprises, the MS2 can be equipped for up to 160TB of useable data, while the existing ES3 can be configured for up to 1.6 Petabytes of data. The 2100-MS is currently available, listing for a two-node 30 Terabyte system starts at $321,000.

The rack-ready S2100-MS2 with DeltaStore software features a dual-node scalable system with an entry capacity of 36 TB raw and 30 TB usable and a maximum capacity of 192 TB raw and 160 TB usable. It performs at an ingest speed of 1,200 MB/sec. The S2100-MS2 is upgradable to the S2100-ES2 series. "This is a logical next step for SEPATON to make," says George Crump, owner of Storage Switzerland and a Network Computing contributor. "They had a gap in the mid-tier and the new MS2 helps fill that."

The MS2 ships the upgraded versions of Sepaton's DeltaStor and DeltaRemote software version 5.3, which sports improved data reduction and bandwidth efficiencies. The new software also has a virtual tape library with full dedupe, spanning most backup-class solutions in the industry including EMC NetWorker, Veritas NetBackup and HP Data Protector.

The increased platform support will be particularly important for the company. "While Sepaton is content dependent, deduplication can be more intelligent about identifying block boundaries it requires Sepaton to explicitly support each backup app," says Howard Marks founder of and a Network Computing contributor. "Now they're adding support for Networker, so they have the big three (TSM, NetBackup, Networker) and HP Data Protector, no surprise given the OEM relationship. Users of Simpana and others will have to wait."

Also included are advanced, centralized-management capabilities with reporting for capacity planning and management applicable across Sepaton's entire product offering. "Reporting around deduplication is an important capability that many enterprises are now demanding," says Crump.