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Sepaton Adds De-Dupe to VTL

Sepaton is joining the list of virtual tape library (VTL) vendors with data de-duplication, a feature that's rapidly becoming a must-have for any company that sells virtual tape solutions.

Sepaton will add DeltaStor de-duplication software as part of a product upgrade this week. Sepaton already offers DeltaStor as an add-on application for its existing VTLs or with new appliances.

Sepaton claims compression ratios of up to 50:1 for its new enterprise VTL and up to 25:1 for its SMB and legacy VTLs.

That said, we know customers don't always get the performance that vendors claim. (See Dealing With De-Dupe Doubts and Don't Get Duped.)

Still, Jeff Machols, systems integration manager at retirement and health benefits firm CitiStreet, says he got a 56:1 compression ratio while beta testing DeltaStore. Machols, a Sepaton customer since 2004, says he tested a combination of applications and Linux file systems and took backups ranging from 100 Gbytes to 120 Gbytes down to around 2 Gbytes. He says the mix made up about 80 percent of the types of data CitiStreet backs up.

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