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Senators Target RFID: Hang On To Your Wallet

Here's bad news for anyone interested in RFID: The Senate now has an "RFID Caucus" focusing on the technology. And any time that happens, it usually means bad regulations, more taxes, and overall inanity.
eWeek reports that Byron Dorgan, a Democrat Senator from North Dakota, and John Cornyn, a Republican Senator from Texas, launched the caucus, and held the first meeting on July 13.

From all accounts, the meeting was more an industry love-fest than anything else. IBM and Verisign were there to show off various technologies, as were other vendors. Much talk of future benefits was heard, no doubt. It was a mini trade show of sorts, with hardware and software makers showing off their goods.

It all sounds very cozy.

One disturbing note was that not a single person apparently asked a question about privacy issues. And that's worrisome.

RFID does, in fact, hold out enormous benefits. But there are also significant privacy issues that need to be explored, notably whether it will be used to track people, and how the information it can gather will be used.

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