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See Google's Censorship At Work

The news that Google has agreed to censor its Chinese site on behalf of that totalitarian government is one more example of why Google's famous "Don't Be Evil" motto has become meaningless. Exactly how bad is Google's censorship? Now there's a way to see for yourself.
The Google Blogscoped blog gives step-by step instructions on how to do a search from the just-launched, censored Chinese version of Google.

The blog did searches on "Tiananmen Massacre," "Falun Gong," and "FreeChina." It found, to no great surprise, substantial censorship. For example, the top search result for Falun Gong on the Chinese version of Google is an article titled "Falun Gong Evil and Harmful." On normal Google, the top is one with the desccription "Falun Dafa is a practice that has brought better health and inner peace to millions around the world."

Similarly, the searches for Tiananmen Massacre and FreeChina are heavily censored as well. There's no better examples of why Google should stop giving in to Chinese censorship now.