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Security Pro: Skype Can Foil NSA Wiretappers

If you're worried about the Feds snooping on your phone calls, there may be an easy solution: Use Skype VoIP software. Top security expert Bruce Schneier says that Skype encryption can foil the NSA wiretappers.
Schneier, chief technology officer at Counterpane Internet Security, told the Associated Press that Skype's 256-bit encryption keys are powerful enough to stymie the NSA's massive wiretapping program.

Even if the encryption technology is not as strong as he thinks it is, Schneier says, it will still be able to foil the NSA program. That's because the NSA wiretapping does massive, broad sweeps, looking at many millions of calls. The giant program isn't designed to crack powerful encryption. Of course, if the feds every honed in on a single call, things may change.

Skype's chief security officer Kurt Sauer told the AP that there are no "back doors" allowing the feds bypass encryption. On the other hand, Skype "cooperates fully with all lawful requests from relevant authorities," he told the AP. But he didn't provide details.

The bottom line? If you're worried about the feds snooping on your calls, Skype appears a safe bet.