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Security Firms Tackle Content Threat

Traditional security methods aren't robust enough to cope with today's multiple threats, and vendors need to up their game to help carriers and enterprises deal with the new techniques being deployed by hackers.

So says independent consultant Simon Hill, who has been examining the security market for a Light Reading Webinar, or online seminar, entitled "Multi-Layered Security: Security in an Insecure World," due to be given tomorrow (Wednesday). Anyone interested in the Webinar can still sign up for free by clicking on this link.

"Many current security solutions don't measure up to today's real-world threats," says Hill. "Hackers are using sophisticated techniques these days, going underneath the radar of traditional systems by hiding in the upper layers and embedding their threats in applications. We need more than just deep packet inspection -- all the content needs to be checked. And we need intrusion prevention as well as intrusion detection. These are the issues carriers and enterprises need to come to terms with, and that's what we'll be examining in the Webinar."

Some security system suppliers, such as Fortinet Inc. and Radware Ltd. (Nasdaq: RDWR), have already reacted to the challenge (see Fortinet Chases Carriers and Radware's 3-Gig Lock Box).

And now a British startup has entered the game with a product and service aimed squarely at service providers that want to offer managed content security services, an increasingly hot market, to their enterprise customers (see Managed Security Services Pipe Up and Pipe Cleaners).

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