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Securing a Wireless Home Network, Part II

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What do I do about wireless security?
You can take three really simple steps to dramatically increase the security of your wireless network. It is not foolproof wireless security, but it will keep you from being an easy target and it will keep most of the riff raff out.

As Figure 1 shows, there re plenty of easy targets out there, so all you need to worry about in most cases is the curious neighbor or someone specifically looking to access a network with no protection at all. The steps in this chapter will not keep out a really serious hacker; if you have reason to worry about a hacker specifically targeting you (as opposed to someone hacking at random), however, you can hire a security specialist, or better yet, just do not use wireless. For the vast majority of you, though, read on.

Figure 2 shows varying degrees of wireless home network security and the vulnerabilities related to the networks.

Figure 2. Wireless Security Examples
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