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Securigence Makes Additions

NEW YORK -- Securigence today announced the addition of network
storage drive functionality to its flagship SignTrust Desktop product.
Any network storage site can be mounted within the SignTrust GUI file
manager, which provides the end user with a much more natural and
intuitive file management interface for their personal network storage
drive, rather then clicking through web pages with a web browser.

Privacy and security are critical drawbacks that have so far limited
widespread adoption of network storage. Current implementations only
use SSL to encrypt and authenticate documents in transit between the
user and remote network storage sites. The documents left with network
storage services can always be accessed in their unencrypted form by the
servers, leaving them completely vulnerable to security breaches and
corporate espionage. This is especially a critical concern when using
third party network storage services.

With SignTrust Desktop, documents can be encrypted and authenticated
using the CMS (Cryptographic Message Syntax) international ISO, ITU,
IETF-PKIX standard for digital signature and encryption. Storing CMS
encrypted and authenticated documents protects them from being accessed
or modified by any third party.

This protection is further assisted by SignTrust Desktop's innovative
AutoCrypt feature, which can automatically sign and encrypt any document
uploaded to a remote network storage drive, and automatically decrypt
and validate any document downloaded from a remote network storage
drive. AutoCrypt removes all of the work for the end user to protect
their documents when using network storage services.

Securigence Inc.