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Seanodes Sets Sail

French software startup Seanodes claims to have a new take on virtualization.

The vendor is touting its Exanodes software as an alternative to VMWare and Xensource for Linux-based high performance clusters. (See VMware to Spin Out, XenSource, and Devil's in the Virtual Details.)

Unlike other vendors, which virtualize servers' CPU and memory resources, using SAN and NAS as repositories for data, Seanodes claims to virtualize the local disk on application servers. The idea here is that users can share virtual data directly from machine to machine, limiting the need for external storage.

According to Frank Gana, Seanodes's marketing director, this approach could shrink the hardware footprint in data centers and save users money. "We present the internal disk as if it were an external array," he says. (See VMware Intros Bundle for SMBs, XenSource Gets IBM Certified, and Vendors Push Virtual Security.)

For now, Seanodes is going after the high performance computing market. "Users in this area have large numbers of Linux clusters," explains Gana, adding that Seanodes is currently being used in "several" HPC sites.

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