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Seagate Announces 750GB Pushbutton Back-up Drive

Seagate has unveiled a 750GB pushbutton backup hard drive with USB and 1394 connections based on the firm's 3.5-inch perpendicular recording technology.

Announced Thursday, the external drive will be available next month for a retail price of $559. The drive is a member of Seagate's Barracuda 7200.10 family, which features data density of up to 188 Gigabytes per disc.

The small footprint of the device -- it is the size of a tape dispenser -- means it can be stacked on top of each other to create a massive multi-Terabyte storage system in a 7-by-7-inch package.

Seagate said one 750GB Pushbutton drive could hold the following applications: 15,000 digital songs, 15,000 digital photos, 50 hours of home videos, 50 computer games and 25 DVD movies. The configuration would still have 300GB of additional space left over.