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SDS & Hyperconvergence: Sense & Nonsense

Storage is the last IT discipline to become software defined, but most of the talk around software-defined storage leans more toward marketing than technology. In an effort to jump on the latest bandwagon, innovative new storage products -- and tried and true solutions -- are losing their identity in a mire of confusion.

In this video, Howard Marks, founder and chief scientist at Deepstorage LLC, addresses the market perception of SDS and some of the technical realities that limit its implementation. Marks will be speaking at Interop Las Vegas in April and leading the panel session, The New Storage: From Flash To Cloud To Hyperconverged.

For more in-depth advice on selecting and purchasing the best storage options for your business, register for Interop and attend the session Smart Shopping for Your Storage Strategy. Marks will also teach the workshop Making Cloud Storage Work for Your Organization.

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