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SCO Sues AutoZone For Copyright Infringement

The SCO Group on Tuesday filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against AutoZone, a Memphis, Tenn.-based auto parts chain.

In the suit, filed in the U.S. District Court in Nevada, SCO alleges that AutoZone ran versions of Linux that "contain code, structure, sequence and/or organization from SCO's proprietary Unix System V code in violation of SCO's copyrights," according to a company statement issued Wednesday morning.

SCO seeks injunctive relief to stop AutoZone's use or copying of Linux and as well as an unspecified amount of damages. AutoZone couldn't be reached for comment early Wednesday morning.

Red Hat named AutoZone as a customer in 2000, and a SCO spokesman said AutoZone is a Red Hat customer. However, a Red Hat spokeswoman said AutoZone is no longer a current, paying Red Hat customer.

Although SCO already has engaged in significant litigation against Linux vendors IBM and Novell, this is the first time that SCO has sued an end-user company. SCO also said that, later on Wednesday, it plans to announce a breach-of-licensing agreement suit against an unnamed Fortune 1000 customer that licenses SCO's Unix System V.

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